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Mario Simón

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I have always loved dogs since I was a kid. My cousins always had dogs but I never did, so I often went to their homes to play with their dogs and pet them.
My father didn't want a dog in our home because we always have lived in an apartment. My sisters and I always tried to convice him, until one day I told him that I was going to bring a little pug to the house and be economically responsible for the dog. Everybody in the house agreed, now we have a 3 year female little pug named Conchita, and she's the most loved one in the family.

She was educated very well since her first months. She was thought not to bark to other dogs, to do her needs in the building's yard (of course we clean it afterwards), to behave well in the apartment and also, I thought her some tricks. We strictly visited the vet every 3 months to check her; the vet always tells us that Conchita is very healthy.

Now i´m studying in Madrid and I had to leave Conchita with my parents and my sisters. I miss her every day and I want to take care of dogs here in Madrid.

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