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Sobre Ksenia

I am a 30-year old responsible animal lover. I always used to have dogs and cats before moving to Spain. I had a shar-pei dog who was completely bad mannered, but he lived a long life and died at the age of 12 (which is a lot for this breed). I also had two cats. One of them I found in the street, at -40 degrees freeze in Siberia, and she surprisingly brought me little kitties, for which I successfully found owners. And another cat was found in the street being a 2 year old kitty by my friend. And we brought her to my older cat who was nursing at the moment, and she accepted this little baby-cat. Since then they think they are mother and daughter. :) Now they are happily living with my friends in Russia.

Due to the active lifestyle I can not get a pet of my own now, but I would love to help others with their pets.

I live next to the beautiful park el Coll where your dog can enjoy nature and fresh air.

As a BONUS I will take some professional photos of your doggie for the treasures memories.

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  • Anna

    Con Ksenia el Simba ha estado genial, han hecho largos paseos tres veces al día y en montaña, pues vive al lado.

    12º Septiembre 2016

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